Why do people think taxes are good?

Ask the majority of people about taxes and they will say they are a good thing. It helps schools to educate kids, this it funds the roads you travel on, order it provides protection in the form of the military, price it provides medical treatment via the NHS and the list goes on.  In their view, it helps people.

I agree that certain things may seem good, like the NHS for example. However, taking something by force from someone to give to somebody else, regardless of who it is going to, does not mean it is good.

If I steal money from you and give it to a little old lady because she is cold and hungry does not make it a just or moral act. People forget about the first part, stealing. And that is important.

Stealing is not a good thing to do. Most of us understand this as kids. ‘Might does not make right’ is the saying you may have heard of. You won’t go far in this world if you steal. If you don’t believe me, try it and let me know your results. However In the long run you will fail – as will the government. In fact it’s falling apart as we speak.

I think it’s important to define our terms when talking. So let’s ask, ‘what is taxation?’ Well I would define it as the talking of somebody’s property without their consent. Now some people may say that they agree to taxes and that fine. But what about the people that do not. Should they then be forced to pay for what you believe in? Or what they themselves believe in?

The whole thing is a large mess. These individuals that call themselves government have distorted so much in the world through the means of using force that whatever they do cannot be good at all -regardless of whether the outcome is what you deem to be good. If the initial act is based on force then it negates the whole outcome.

But why do people throw all that away when it comes to the taking of people’s property in the form of taxes and redistributing it to others. Who decides who decides where the money goes?

People should do with their property what they want to do with it. You should not be forced to hand it over to some group of individuals that call themselves ‘Government’ who can then decide where and how that money is used. Only you know how your money should be used.

When you go out to buy something with the left over cash you have, you voluntarily walk into say an Apple shop and buy an iphone. No one forced you to do it. You made a choice out of thousands of other possibilities to buy that phone. You bought it as you believe it will benefit you in some way.

Now let’s say I told you to buy that phone as my Nan needs one and if you did not comply, I would force you too as I have been voted in by the majority of people and have a duty to that group to do it. You would think I was mad. But, I guarantee you would do it once you knew I could throw you in a cage if you did not comply. And if you resisted, you could even be killed. Killed!!!

Do you see a problem here?

Using force to solve social problems for anything is not a good way to do things. When you are born you own your own body, thoughts and what you produce.

But this is not how the world works. The world works on a platform of might makes right. Wars, poverty, crime, theft, inflation, taxation are all forms of force.

If humanity does not wake up to this reality then we will end up causing our own self-destruction.

Remember, you rule your own life.


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