Who’s Al?

Hi, viagra my name is Alan, rx and thanks for taking the time to view my website. I’m not a big fan of labels as I think they can be distorted over time with people not understanding the terminology or by people telling others the wrong meanings of words. So, treatment if I were to label myself, I would say that I’m a Philosopher, libertarian, anarchist, capitalist, free-market individual. I’m a massive advocate of the Non-aggression Principle (NAP) and voluntarism. Please bear with me as I promise to explain all these in later blog posts :)

I started this website on 05/11/12 in the hope that it will help me educate myself, as well as anyone else that wishes to follow me.

Don’t you find that you learn things better by physically doing it? I do! So my plan with the site is for people to get an insight in how I educate myself using Philosophy and how it seems to branch off into various topics – which I think are just fantastic. They will help you develop in ways you could only dream of, in all aspects of your life. It will help you in your personal relationships, self-development, health, wealth, finance and many, many more….believe me!!!

My plan is to write about what I learn every single day from a Philosophers perspective.

I’m really excited about this new journey I will be taking and I hope to help people develop themselves by being interested in what I’m doing. In this ‘Information Age’ we are now in, it makes sense to me to spread resources and knowledge with each other to help create a beautiful, peaceful world for the generations to come :)

All the best,


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