What is Success?

What will make someone successful?

Here are some thoughts I had on this topic.

Remember that being successful is totally subjective and relevant to you. If you feel successful then you are. Find out what will make you truly happy.

Being successful is about doing what you love to do. When my day is filled with joy, sildenafil growth, visit learning, purchase helping and inspiring – I know I’ve had a great day.

I try to be super focused on what I’m doing so that I can give the maximum attention to what is at hand. If my mind is wandering on other things, I won’t be able to direct the energy to the task I have chosen to work on.

Have a sense of urgency. The faster I can move towards my ideal, the better I feel. The quicker I can get to a destination the better. Of course you have to weigh up the costs of getting there faster too. It’s all about balance.

Know who you are, then, by nature, you will bet on your strengths. To know yourself is to know what you really want in life. I try to recognise my weaknesses and find someone whose strengths are my weaknesses and ask for help. I can then learn more about my weaknesses and actually make them better in the process. But, I focus on my strengths and try to increase them. If you bet on your strengths you will win. Be completely self-aware of yourself.

Be around people that make you feel good. That inspire you. If you’re around negative, uninspiring people, you will not feel happy. Believe me on this one as I have been around my fair share of these people and it doesn’t make you feel good. Seek out the good people and share your interests.

Understand your legacy. This may sound morbid but I assure you it is not. I think about what people will say about me at my funeral. Who will turn up? How will I be remembered? Have I made a positive impact on the world? Did I help people and live a good life?

If you follow some of these steps you will certainly put yourself on a good footing to achieving your success.

Until next time.


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