Teach yourself to become better

Whenever you learn something useful in life that conforms to the real world, page write it down in a notebook-especially when it is helpful to you in achieving your goals.

After reading hundreds of books and listening to thousands of podcasts on various topics from health, viagra order wealth and happiness, I have over a dozen full notebooks with information I have distilled and crystallised.

I do this purely for myself. I enjoy finding the hidden gems and messages, from various reliable sources. You can literally read the knowledge of experts in different fields you are interested in. Information that probably took them decades to understand from their research. And you can have it all downloaded into your mind in one book.

I’m currently looking over some of the notes I wrote over the years and it’s so interesting, exciting and educating. It is like learning about yourself through your own thoughts, ideas, experiences, emotions and habits you had at the time.

From time to time I review my notes and then further refine the main points. I analyse them to ensure they are correct based on the knowledge I have now. I firmly believe that you are the best teacher.

You get to go back in time and relive the thoughts, ideas and feelings that you yourself experienced. You get to think about why you wrote those words. You will learn so much about yourself.


If you want to experience the benefits of what I speak of above, please follow these simple habits.

  1. Get an empty notebook in whatever size works for you (I like A6)
  2. Whenever you get good ideas, thoughts, experiences or feelings come to you, from whatever medium, write them down.
  3. Review them whenever is best for you (I normally do so after about a year).

This advice may change your life. Remember, you are the best teacher of you. That’s why I’m writing this, to help me. I thought that sharing it may help you too. Try it; see if it works, if not, you can just discard it. If you find a better method for doing this, please let me know so I can improve.

I’m sure you will get a lot out of it.

Take care.

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