Investing made easy

People often say to me, ‘I don’t really understand ‘investing’. But I think to myself, you’re investing every day of your life. You invest in your health, your relationships, your … Continue Reading →


Fear nothing by being prepared.

I think the title of the post is an ideal. The more prepared you are, the less you fear. The more you fear, the less prepared you are. If you … Continue Reading →


Bad choices can be corrected

You know that feeling when you have done something and regretted doing it afterwords. That feeling of sadness, disappointment, maybe anger. You feel unproductive, like it was a waste of … Continue Reading →


The importance of saving

I think, firstly, its important to define what ‘saving’ is. Saving is basically income not spent or deferred consumption. It is holding back some of your wealth for whatever reason. … Continue Reading →


Getting healthier isn’t difficult, but it is hard

You may be thinking that the title for this blog may be an oxymoron. Let me explain. We all know that we could be healthier in some way. There is … Continue Reading →


Free money & Free travel

I thought I would share with you two offers I have discovered recently that will give you free money and free travel. The first one is the private taxi service … Continue Reading →


Work on yourself

Work on yourself. Many people work on their bodies, but not much else. They are stuck in the same boring routine with no growth or improvement. Working on yourself is … Continue Reading →


Figure out your passion

I think throughout your life you discover many passions. Whether it is skateboarding, football, reading, or starting a business, we are constantly figuring out what we love to do. The … Continue Reading →

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Writing things down

One of the most important habits I do everyday is to write down as many ideas as I can. If I read a book and get some cool ideas or … Continue Reading →


How to make your money work for you

I never really thought about the idea that money can work for you until a few years back. But I’m glad I did because I would still be on the … Continue Reading →