Our minds can be tricked

Imagine you are in the Sarahran desert. You have no food or water. Over the horizon you see water. You move like crazy towards it. After miles of walking, you start to question yourself whether it is water. ‘It didn’t look this far away’, you say to yourself. After many more miles of walking, you give up and realise you have been tricked. It was a mirage. An optical phenomenon which tricks your mind. Your senses have been tricked by nature.

Our minds can be fooled. The senses we have can be totally tricked. So, to combat this, we must have a standard that is based on evidence to ensure we are not getting led astray – just like the guy in the story above.

Magicians, politicians, businesses and individuals can trick us. The trick is to understand the rules of the game. ‘What is the game?’, you may be thinking. The game is reality. Reality based on evidence. How things actually work in the real world. Then by developing the principles, or the frame work if you like, we can make sense of things. I suppose the ideal is to never  be fooled. But this is not possible. Your senses will definitely be tricked, no matter how wise you are. However, your mind cannot be fooled if you have a toolkit in your mind. The principles based on reality.

But people’s minds are easily tricked. If you ask most people if they think violence is a good way to solve social problems, they will say no. Then you can ask them if its OK for soldiers to go to other areas of the world and involve themselves violently in other peoples business. It’s still violence isn’t it? I can understand using violence in self defence. You own your own body and can defend it, or not defend it, as you see fit.

As you can see, our minds can be fooled by ideas and by nature. If we want to see the trickery, start looking at  our values and principles and follow them.

Here is the principle I follow:

Do as you want, but, be prepared to accept the consequences.

That is why I don’t go around using violence to solve problems. I understand what the consequences may be and I don’t want them.

See if you can come up with your own principles and guidelines based on facts of reality and see how it works. Remember, principles apply at all times and places. Its still just as bad to kill someone in england at 2pm as it is in the US at 5pm.

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