Build your own Freedom

People often say, nurse “I don’t know what business to build.”

The possibilities are endless. We can feel overwhelmed by the choices available but think about how it is much more likely that there is a perfect fit for you.

People quit. Their dream of doing something they really love never moves forward. That’s a real shame for us all. Because we’d all live in a better world if more people were doing the work they love.

Most people either have a passion they think about often or they have one they suppress because they think it’s not possible.

For example, a person might have a passion for golf. His dream is to immerse himself in the world of golfing. The possibilities are almost endless: golf instruction, equipment reviews, golf books, golf videos, golf travel, golf blogging, golf tips, interview golfers and so on.

Once his business is operating it attracts other golfers who become his customers. They want to talk about golf. They have questions about golf. They want to improve their game. Over time, his business attracts thousands of golfers from all over the world who enjoy his product or service and trust his opinions and advice. He can expand his business into a ready market of existing customers and steadily add new customers. Online, he can grow his own economy by massive amounts. The internet connects the world. The world could be your customer. This is an economy he can control instead of being at the mercy and whim of others.

Having sources of income that you own and control is crucial to being in control of your life. Doing it inside a niche which you find personally rewarding provides durability and longevity. That creates value for others and brings deep satisfaction. It will challenge you and reward you. It leads to personal freedom.


Discover and explore your personal passion.

Follow the proven path of a successful mentor who can help you. A good mentor will draw out your deepest motivations and sources of satisfaction and help find ways to direct those impulses toward a lucrative business.

Keep everything under your control, instead of the control of others.

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