Book Club

I read quite a bit, and so I thought it would be a cool idea to start a book club.

Once a month, a new book will be agreed upon and discussed on a specific date. This will be done via skype. If you wish to add to me to join the discussion, please do so by adding my skype name –  lynch8499

To join the book club, please click this link to go to the facebook group. If you don’t have facebook, then keep an eye out for details of the times and dates on this page.

The types of books will be related to health, wealth and happiness. At the moment, my goals in life are tending towards the wealth more, but the other two are just as important – if not more!

Topics in more detail will cover these  in particular: finance, money, entrepreneurship, business, diet, exercise, food, history, economics, philosophy, investing, trading, speculation plus……….. many more.

I’m hoping people come along, say hello and give opinions, lessons, perspectives and observations from reading the book. Anybody is welcome who is open minded and basis their thinking on physical reality, the scientific method.

Anyone who is rude, abusive or shows, what I would consider, aggressive behavior, will be removed from the group/call.

I look forward to meeting some of you and having some great conversations and gaining more insight into the books.

Alan :)






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