Don’t Panic

It has been a bloodbath again in the small mining companies. With my own portfolio, I have fared much better with the large royalty companies than the small explorers. Even … Continue Reading →

What’s going on in the gold market?

If you follow the markets at all, and, in particular, gold, you will have likely seen that the price of gold is higher but the price of the companies that … Continue Reading →


Why do people think taxes are good?

Ask the majority of people about taxes and they will say they are a good thing. It helps schools to educate kids, this it funds the roads you travel on, … Continue Reading →

Teach yourself to become better

Whenever you learn something useful in life that conforms to the real world, page write it down in a notebook-especially when it is helpful to you in achieving your goals. … Continue Reading →


Make money work for you

Have you ever wondered how the rich actually get rich? Well I have over the last five years, and I one strong idea I have picked up from them is … Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Bonds

Stocks are really only worth what you can sell them for in the market, or what they’ll pay you in dividends over time. Neither is guaranteed. There is no guarantee … Continue Reading →



I thought I’d try and flesh out some of the reasons why people go into debt. What is Debt? According to Wikipedia – ‘a sum of money that is owed … Continue Reading →


Build your own Freedom

People often say, nurse “I don’t know what business to build.” The possibilities are endless. We can feel overwhelmed by the choices available but think about how it is much … Continue Reading →


What is Success?

What will make someone successful? Here are some thoughts I had on this topic. Remember that being successful is totally subjective and relevant to you. If you feel successful then … Continue Reading →

Can our minds be tricked?

Our minds can be tricked

Imagine you are in the Sarahran desert. You have no food or water. Over the horizon you see water. You move like crazy towards it. After miles of walking, you … Continue Reading →